New Website

Hello and welcome to the newly re-designed CHESS MATCH website! Hope you enjoy it. Now, you can easily access downloads of my songs, streams of the music videos, limited merch items, exclusive pictures, contests, the lastest news, and much, much more. Expect news about my debut full length, coming Spring – 2015, very soon! Thank…


Vote For Chess Match Button

Here we have the release of my first button. Evel Knievel? An ode to American Politics? Chess Match! Only $1.50 in the shop. New shirts, hoodies, and stickers, and RECORDS on the way soon!

001- small

Ltd. 7″ Lathe Cuts

I just recieved 5 extremely limited copies of my debut EP, PLASTIC PARADISE, on clear 7″ vinyl lathe cuts. They are $15 and come with custom, handmade artwork and screenprint. They are available for in the store now. Hurry!


International Cassette Store Day

Happy International Cassette Store Day! The ltd. cassette version of my debut EP is available today at fine independent record stores all over the world today for only $5. There is no online store for it yet, but if there are any copies left over, I will post them available for sale in the shop….


Plastic Paradise Now Available

My debut EP is available on CD and through any online digital retailer, such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, HMV, and many more! It is available worldwide in places such as USA, Europe, Austrailia, Japan, and many more! Thank you for support and I hope you enjoy. Here are just a few of the vast…

Last Rodeo Still


New music video, shot by Chess Match starring DJ Brown & Cody Lonchar.

Orbit Still

“Orbit” Music Video

Here is the debut of the “Orbit” music video from the Plastic Paradise EP, available August 20, 2014 on CD/Digi and Vinyl/Cassette in September!


Plastic Paradise

My debut EP, Plastic Paradise, will be released on ltd, CD Digipak & Digital (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) on 8.20.14 and released on ltd. vinyl and cassette in September. Pre-order coming soon!